Name: Springfield

Location: Idaho Falls

Profile: Adult Male Only


Home Values

 - Big private, fenced



 - Nice neighborhood


 - Durable swing in



Name: Hoopes

Location: Idaho Falls

Profile: Co-ed Adult


Home Values

 - Geriatric and Medically

     Fragile residents


 - Handicapped accessible

     home with newly added

     handicapped bathroom

 - Private fenced backyard

    with swing and trees


 - Within walking to movie

     theater and shopping

Name: Burke

Location: Idaho Falls

Profile: Young Adult Male



Home Values

 - Country home with farm

     and animals


 - Garden area


 -Basketball pad


 -Room for bike riding, etc.


Name: Fox Hollow

Location: Idaho Falls

Profile:  Male Kids Only


Home Values

 - Large fenced backyard

     with durable swing,

     basketball pad and



 - Close to schools and


 - Recreation room


Name: Sunnybrook

Location: Idaho Falls

Profile: Teen to Young Adult Female



Home Values

 - Private fenced front yard


 - Within walking to parks and 



 - Durable swing and trampoline

     in backyard


Idaho Falls

560 W Sunnyside

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83301

 ResHab (208) 786-2047

 ICF (208) 784-3257

Coeur d'Alene

280 W Prairie Ave., #4

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815

 ResHab (208) 772-4639

 ICF (208) 772-4639


444 Hospital Way., Suite 701

Pocatello, Idaho 83201

 ResHab (208) 238-5950

ICF (208) 223-5863


12553 W Explorer Drive., Suite 190

Boise, Idaho 83713

 ResHab (208) 972-5265

 ICF (208) 972-5257

Twin Falls

1166 Eastland Drive North, Suite A

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

 ResHab (208) 732-0910 x. 105